Diaper Genie® Easy Roll Refills 30 Pack

LASTING LONGER THAN EVER - The Easy Roll™ Refill 30-Pack for the Diaper Genie® Signature pail holds up to 1410 newborn diapers and lasts up to 8 months. The longest refill recharge ever! Ultimate convenience, less headaches.

MAX ODOR LOCK TECHNOLOGY - Durable multi-layer refill film with odor locking technology to keep your nursery fresh! 

EASY TEAR OFF BAGS - one Easy Roll™ refill contains 30 double seam bags for improved strength. Perforated, on a roll, for convenient use and disposal. 

BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT- one Easy Roll™ Refill 30-Pack is equal to 5 Diaper Genie® round refills, which means less plastic being used! Convenient for you, and the environment.


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