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Easy Diaper Changing Tips

Diaper changing can be a daunting task at first but it's really easier than most new moms imagine, and you will soon be a pro. Key to successful changing is having everything you need at hand: clean diapers, diaper pail with foot pedal or one-hand design, cotton balls and washcloth with lukewarm water or baby wipes, and a soft towel....
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The Love Connection: 5 Ways to Bond with Baby

Bonding is the beautiful process of falling deeper and deeper in love with your baby. It’s an experience that unfolds differently for everyone, with each day offering many opportunities for warm, affectionate connections: Here are 5 easy ways to bond with your newborn, starting in the nursery:  Touch:  Stroking and caressing your newborn is not only a way to show...
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Your Nursery Germ-Fighting Game Plan

Concerned about keeping your baby’s nursery as clean and germ-free as possible? Relax it’s easier than you think. Just follow this simple germ-fighting game plan.  It will put your mind at ease, and leave the nursery clean, fresh and smelling better, too!   #1: Know where germs live  The real germ hot spots are the areas that are in contact with...
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Be Ready for Baby's Arrival with Eight Must-Have Registry Items

Creating your Baby Registry can be lots of fun, but with so many baby products to choose from, where do you begin? Here’s a quick look at 8 things that many moms consider must-haves.  Baby carrier: A front carrier that holds your baby close to your chest not only promotes bonding, but you’ll also be able to use two hands...
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