Diaper Genie® Complete Pail

Control the odors of diapers once and for all! The Complete pail has double Air-Tite® clamps that eliminates and locks in dirty diaper odors and a carbon filter. The diaper pail can hold up to 36 newborn-sized diapers and includes a round refill that can hold up to 270 newborn-sized diapers, meaning fewer trips to the trash. Our refill bags are made from durable multi-layer antimicrobial film with odor-locking barrier technology. The pail also has a foot pedal for hands-free operation and requires no bending for ultimate convenience. Includes 1 Clean Laundry scented round refill and 1 carbon filter. Available in white, grey, pink, or blue.

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    • Ultimate odor control the double Air-Tite® clamps and carbon filter help prevent diaper odors from escaping.
    • Optimal convenience: baby in one hand, diaper in the other – what do you do? Just step on the foot pedal and toss the diaper – no need to even touch the pail. This one is just the right height for an easy, no-bend diaper toss.​
    •  Max odor lock: the antimicrobial multi-layer film with odor-locking technology helps to protect from germs and inhibit bacterial growth on the film, protecting you and your baby.
    • Available in white, grey, pink, or blue.
    • #1 Selling diaper pail brand: over 2 million Diaper Genie pails sold since 2020.
    Diaper Genie® Clean Laundry Scent Round Refill -US-EN
    Diaper Genie® Clean Laundry Scent Round Refill
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    Diaper Genie® Unscented Round Refill-EN
    Diaper Genie® Unscented Round Refill
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