Diaper Genie® Classic Pail

Maintain a fresh and clean nursery with the Diaper Genie® Classic Pail. Designed for ease and efficiency, this pail features a Push N Lock odor locking clamp that helps prevent odors of messy diapers from escaping. With its push button lid, the Diaper Genie Classic Pail offers one-handed operation for optimal convenience and easy opening. The Classic Pail accommodates up to 55 newborn-sized diapers, ensuring ample space for your disposal needs. The Classic diaper disposal system includes a durable multi-layer starter refill film with Max Odor Lock technology that can hold up 165 newborn diapers. For continued use, the pail is compatible with our Diaper Genie Jumbo refills. These refills are made from of a multi-layer film with an odor-locking barrier technology, ensuring long-lasting freshness and durability.

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    • Keep your nursery smelling fresh - holds up to 55 newborn diapers and features a Push N Lock clamp that helps prevent odors from escaping for ultimate odor control.
    • Push button lid for optimal convenience - the push button lid allows easy opening and convenient one-hand operation.
    • Long lasting refill – includes a starter square refill that can hold up to 165 newborn-sized diapers and is compatible with our Diaper Genie Jumbo square refill that can hold up to 810 newborn-sized diapers.
    • Better for the environment - one JUMBO refill is equal to 3 Diaper Genie® round refills, using almost 50% less cartridge plastic than round Diaper Genie refills.
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    Diaper Genie® Jumbo Square Refill
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