Support & FAQs

The Diaper Genie nappy bin is designed to contain and control odours associated with disposing of dirty nappies. It provides a convenient and hygienic way to dispose of used nappies.

You open the lid of the Diaper Genie bin either manually or by stepping on a foot pedal, depending on the model and place the dirty nappy into the bin, push the nappy through the clamp, and release the lid. The system wraps the nappy in a mult-layer film preventing odours from escaping. To empty the bin, you open it, tie off the end of the film containing the nappies, and cut it. This leaves a fresh start of film for the next use. This system is designed to provide an easy, clean, and odour-controlled way to dispose of nappies, making it a convenient solution for parents and caregivers.

Yes, Diaper Genie is designed to be user-friendly. The Diaper Genie Select Bin has a foot pedal for hands-free operation, making it convenient for parents with their hands full. Simply step on the pedal to open the lid, place the nappy inside, and release the pedal to close the lid and seal the nappy.

Yes, you will need to purchase Diaper Genie XL Octagonal refill bags , which are specifically designed for the nappy bin. These refill bags are made of a continuous film that can be cut and tied to any desired length.

The frequency of emptying the Diaper Genie Select depends on the size and number of nappies used. On average, you may need to empty it every 2-3 days.

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