Diaper Genie® Platinum Pail

Keep your nursery fresh with our new metal pail! The new Diaper Genie Platinum pail is made of durable stainless steel and has odor-locking clamps that help prevent odors of messy diapers from escaping. With its 27" height, wide opening and foot pedal, the Diaper Genie Platinum offers true hands-free operation. Our diaper disposal system holds up to 47 newborn diapers and includes a long-lasting refill that can last up to 5 months or hold up 846 newborn diapers. The Easy Roll ™ refill bags are made from durable multi-layer film with odor-locking barrier technology. Refill includes 18 easy tear-off bags that are perforated for convenient use and disposal. The pail is available in lily white and stone grey.

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    • Keep your nursery smelling fresh: The Diaper Genie® Signature pail features odor-locking clamps that help prevent odors from escaping for ultimate odor control.
    • Durable - Made of stainless steel.
    • Ultimate convenience - pail has a foot pedal for easy one-handed operation. Wide disposal opening and capacity of up to 47 newborn diapers.
    • Long lasting refill - pail comes with Easy Roll™ refill that holds up to 846 newborn diapers and lasts up to 5 months. THE REFILL CARTRIDGE IS LOCATED IN BOTTOM COMPARTMENT OF PAIL.
    • Easy tear off bags - one Easy Roll™ refill contains 18 bags that are perforated, on a roll for convenient use and disposal.
    • Better for the environment - one Easy Roll™ refill is equal to 3 Diaper Genie® round refills, which means less plastic being used.
    • Available in 2 colors.
    • #1 Selling diaper pail brand: over 2 million Diaper Genie® pails sold since 2020.

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